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Geologic  & Hydrogeologic Investigations

Trust Brand Environmental Consulting to help you make the best decisions for your new development. 

Geologic Investigations

Our staff specializes in providing geologicalservices including: 

  • Karst Geology Investigations
  • Sub Surface Investigations & Remediation of Karst Features
  • Sinkhole Investigation & Remediation
  • Surface & Sub Surface Geologic Investigations for Residential & Commercial Developments
  • Depths to Bedrock Investigations

Hydrogeologic Investigation

Hydrogeologic Investigation includes:

  • Analysis Of Aerial Photographs for Lineaments & Fracture Traces for Targeting Large Volume Water Supply Wells
  • Completion Of 8 Hour Step-Drawdown Pumping Tests, 48 Hour Constant Rate Pumping Tests, & Recovery Tests
  • Evaluation Of Drawdown & Recovery Data To Determine the Optimum Well Yield, Aquifer Characteristics, & Long-Term Impact Of Groundwater Withdrawal
  • High Production Water Supply Well & Monitoring Well Design & Construction Specifications
  • Hydrogeologic Studies for the Permitting Of Community, Non-Community, & Industrial Water Supply Wells
  • Completion Of Slug Tests & Evaluation Of Data To Determine Hydraulic Conductivity Of an Aquifer for Groundwater Mounding Analysis for Community Sewage Disposal Systems
  • Completion Of Hydrogeologic Investigations for Permitting Of Community or Large Volume Sewage Disposal Systems Including Groundwater Mounding & Nitrate Plume Analysis